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Published 2011-04-03 (Image 59018)

Kelly called.  She told me she was finally ready to be with me.  She asked me to marry her.  I told her "No, youve hurt me too much."  and I hung up and swore Id never answer another phone call from her again.  She called dozens of times after that.  I answered every time.  She told me she was sorry for hurting me all year, and said she cant live without me.  She was so in love with me.  It broke down the wall Id built around my heart, and I fell back in love with her.  I told her I would consider marrying her if she could go six months without breaking my heart again.  Then she didnt return any of my calls for two whole months.  I swore I would NEVER, EVER answer another phone call from that woman again!  Good!  Today, she e-mailed me.  I answered that because it wasnt a phone call.  Fascinating.

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