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Published 2010-02-28 (Image 44351)

Am I speaking with whoever programs the iPhones touchscreen keyboard?  Thats me.  Is there a problem?  How come when I type something, the cursor often skips around and inserts my new text into text Ive already typed?  Hmmm.  Read me an example, Ill try to diagnose the problem.  I tried to send a text that said "Kerry, that movie was awful but youre a lot of fun anyway."  The iPhone sent it as "Kerry, that movie was a lot of fun anyway.  But youre awful."  I see.  Heres whats going on ...  You must have really fat fingers.  ... Excuse me?  You keep pigging the "return" key while you type.  ... Ill call back after youve had your coffee.  Make sure you dont accidentally pudge-dial Microsoft.

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