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Published 2009-09-06 (Image 38003)

VH1 presents Where are They Now?  The Some People Story.  It was the mid-2000s.  Politicians across the country relied on him.  There wasnt a press conference around that didnt broadcast his beaming smile.  I sound wise compared to him.  And for one brief fearmongering season, the strawman called "some people" was at the top of his game.  Ive forgotten 9-11.  I want to hug terrorists.  But as often happens in the cutthroat false argument business, his star began to dim.  I want to take your guns.  Yawn.  And it sent him on a downward spiral.  He came into the bar already drunk, talkin bout nobodys scared of him no more and no one takes im seriously.  Bartender.  ... an I was like "bruh, youre bringin down the whole room."  Very bad tipper, too.  But then, in his darkest hour, some people makes a surprising comeback.  AFTER THESE MESSAGES...

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