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Published 2009-08-23 (Image 37718)

Um, Lemont, this is Momma.  Im a little confused by your outgoing message.  Please call me back, baby.  Outgoing message.  Beep.  Hi Momma!  Golly gee, youve reached the home of Lemont Brown!  I need your help.  Please send over a care package with mustard, ten pounds of Capn Crunch, and a new crowbar.  Also, a six-pack of ski masks from Costco and an Identity Theft for Dummies book from Amazon.  Oh, and a Clay Aiken CD or Battlestar Voyager DVD or some other nerdy #$%& would be just swell!  Now momma, dagnabbit, I got a rat problem.  So it would be prudent to send it to Clyde.  Golly gee willikers!  Thanks, Momma.  What?

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