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Published 2009-05-10 (Image 32176)

Erebody talking bout "Hunt down those Somalia pirates.  Kill em!  Show them whos boss!"  Britain, France, the U.S.  …all sending warships to shoot more pirates.  You wanna end piracy?  Ill tell you how to end piracy.  Take those warships…  …an have em PROTECT Somalia fishermen from the Asian and European ships thatve been stealing Somalias seafood and dumping nuclear waste in Somalias waters ever since Somalias government fell in 1991.  Then Somalians could get back to earning a living off their own resources and wont have to resort to piracy just to survive.  Thats how you stop piracy.  Whaddaya think of that?  I dont know.  Whaddaya think of barbers who think theyre on Oprah and wont stop talking long enough to cut somebodys hair?  Barbers dont go for sarcasm.

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