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Published 2009-04-12 (Image 31606)

Hello?  Hi, Im calling from Disneys El Capitan Theater to see if you received the mail we sent you.  How did you get this number?  Did you get our beautiful full-color flyer announcing the Race to Witch Mountain?  Which mountain is that?  No, the movie, Race to Witch Mountain.  I dont know, youre the one who called me:  You tell me which mountain.  Um...  Do you have a grandson or granddaughter I can talk to, sir?  Theyre dead.  Zoo accident.  Feathers...  Screaming...  I dont like to talk about it.  Im sorry, sir.  So did you get our beautiful full-color brochure about Race to Witch Mountain?  Yes, and Im glad you called, cause I have some questions that I think only you can answer.  Id be very happy to, sir!  Where do you guys get your hot dogs?  Cause theyre the best hot dogs Ive ever had in my whole life.  Also, are you seriously calling to ask whether I got the junk mail you sent?  When did THAT start?  Lastly, how did you get this number?  ...  This all doesnt seem weird to you?  Take me off your phone list.  If you have any questions about Race to Witch Mountain or would like to order tickets, feel free to call the number in your brochure.  Is there a number for hot dogs?  I do really like those.  Click.

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