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Published 2008-11-16 (Image 28016)

VH1 presents:  Where are they now?  The Ozzy-the-Undecided-Voter Story.  The time was October, 2008.  Journalists across the country yearned for him.  There wasnt a television show around that didnt broadcast his beaming smile.  And for one brief electoral season, Ozzy-the-Undecided-Voter was at the top of his game.  Mainstream media.  Which one is Obama again?  But as sometimes happens in the dog-eat-dog ignoramus industry, his star dimmed like a light bulb over a morons head.  Guess who I voted for?  Yawn.  And it sent him on a downward spiral.  Anonymous Friend.  After the election, he started hangin around the wrong crowd.  People who read an pay attention.  He started recognizin the difference between such things as ketchup an mustard.  I was shocked, an I was like "What the @#$% did you do with the real Ozzy?  Next up, Ozzy hits rock bottom...

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