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Published 2008-07-06 (Image 24667)

Here we have a system of roads and bridges, a potent symbol of American industrial might!  Bidding starts at $2 billion.  $2 billion!  $3.8 billion!  We have $3.8 billion.  $3.8 billion going once…  $3.8 billion going twice…  SOLD!  To the gentleman from Australia.  Wheres the "Thundercats" Underoos auction?  Pauly Ballroom, 4th floor.  Pardon mois, monsieur, has zee Statue of Liberty sold yet?  Not yet.  Oh HO HO!  We are thinking of buying eet back.  Next up, the New York City skyline.  Bidding starts at $3 billion.  Guten tag!  Ve vill bid $4 billion euros!  6 billion dirhams!  Salam aleikum.

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