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Published 2006-09-24 (Image 14771)

2006.  I cant believe it!  A comic strip talking about embryonic stem cell research!  Comics arent supposes to talk about serious stuff or politics!  1972.  I mean, whats with all this heavy rap in "Doonesbury" about Nixon?!  In my day, comics were just funny.  1953.  Not political!  What gives this "Pogo" party pooper the right to point on ol Joe McCarthy!  its the funny pages.  1933.  Not the political pages!  Whats with this "Little Orphan Annie" comic going on an on about Roosevelts new deal?!  I mean ... 1895.  Goldang!  This "Yellow Kid" comic strip simply has no place on the comics pages, tell you who!  Comics never used to be about the controversies!  Um ... but this is the first newspaper comic strip ever.  In all of history.  So whats yer point, ya hooligan?  Shut yer bazoo!

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