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Published 2006-07-23 (Image 14280)

On todays Sunday morning political show, we debate the occupation of Iraq.  Arguing against the occupation, we have President George Washington from 1796.  Salutations, Bob.  I have always believed that we should dedicate our arms and our treasure to our own domestic betterment and avoid the corruption of foreign entanglements.  We fought a revolution to rid ourselves of an occupier, and now we are the occupiers.  This disturbeth me.  And here to argue in favor of continuing the occupation: Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.  Bob, I wake up every morning, get on my knees, and thank the Lord that men like George Washington are not in charge of our government.  What ho, scoundrel!  Art thou challenging me to a duel?  George Washington wants us to cut and run.

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