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Published 2006-07-02 (Image 14162)

On todays Sunday morning political show, our guest in Condoleeza Rice.  Thanks, Bob.  Listen, Iran is a grave and gathering threat.  We must confront it now, while we still can.  Ms. Rice, thats almost exactly what you said in 2002 about Iraq.  Some critics argue that youre using the same old script to scare Americans into another, jingoistic frenzy right before the elections.  All you did was pick a different country to fear.  Of course not, Bob!  Thats an irresponsible and inappropriate allegation.  How dare you impugn my integrity, sir  Sorry.  As I was saying, [insert name] is a grave and gathering threat to our security.  Did you just "bracket insert name close-bracket"?  No!  And its irresponsible and inappropriate of you to ....

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