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Rudy Park

Comics about showers an showering.

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1. Comic Strip Darrin Bell  Rudy Park 2019-02-24 shower 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Rudy Park
Viewable Date: 2019-02-24 Pub. Date: 2019-02-24
Image Number: 176214
Caption: It feels good to stop wasting water. Al Gore would be proud. And electricity - Don't forget we're saving on that. That would be used to heat the water, and light the room. We no longer encourage the manufacture of chemical-based cleansing products sold in wasteful plastic and paper packaging. Stop! Men should not rationalize their failure to shower every day on the basis that it's environmentally friendly. Oh, how you hate Mother Earth. I like inhaling without stink. My smell is organic.
2. Comic Strip Darrin Bell  Rudy Park 2017-01-26 shower 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Rudy Park
Viewable Date: 2017-01-26 Pub. Date: 2017-01-26
Image Number: 153710
Caption: I hope that "golden showers" dossier about Trump is true. That'd be awesome. How so, little buddy? Well, I was always a big fan of the cold war. I loved "Red Dawn" and "War Games" and "James Bond" and all those really cool cold war movies. If it's true that our new president is actually being blackmailed by the Russians, we might finally have a real "Manchurian Candidate." I've calculated that the number of "Twilight Zone" episodes that might still come true has just grown by half a dozen. I hope "The Midnight Sun" is one of them. That was a sexy episode.
3. Comic Strip Darrin Bell  Rudy Park 2016-06-19 shower 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Rudy Park
Viewable Date: 2016-06-19 Pub. Date: 2016-06-19
Image Number: 144040
Caption: Give me whatever and make it fast. What? What do you mean? My wife gave me ten minutes of freedom for Father's Day. And I burned through three of those just sprinting over here. We have four children and a fifth one any day now. She's tired in bed so I'm on 24/7 kid duty. I haven't left the house, taken a shower, or gone potty by myself since 2015. My ear hairs are skinny secret babies that whisper to me at night that I may be going insane. So for Father's Day, my loving wife granted me ten fleeting moments of me-time, which I choose to spend buying expensive coffee in a run-down cafe, like I used to do when I was young and single and had all the time in the world. Mom wants to know when you'll be back. Tell the short person I can't hear it for another 5 minutes and 48 seconds! Sometimes I'm glad I can't even get a date.
4. Comic Strip Darrin Bell  Rudy Park 2016-06-05 shower 
Cartoonist(s): Darrin Bell
Comic/Cartoon: Rudy Park
Viewable Date: 2016-06-05 Pub. Date: 2016-06-05
Image Number: 143454
Caption: Play me that 1980s show "St. Elsewhere," in order, starting with the pilot episode. Processing request … Make it high definition, thought, not that fuzzy old-timey look all those early eighties shows have. And add some music to it that plays constantly. Music that tells me how to feel during the scenes. And instead of the doctors looking tired and overworked, make them always look like they just stepped out of a shower after having a long night's rest. Error: I cannot do any of that. Never mind. Just show me any doctor show from the last ten years or so. Loading ...
Result page:     (4 images)